continental divide

book in the works::


we meet Jon and Ron. That makes four camping tonight: Jon, Ron, Alex, and John.

Telling stories of other bike adventures and share the primitive camp ground with a fire trying to keep out the mosquitos. What are the big questions of the day? Asks Ron, a former biologist who is completing the divide in month-long sections.

We ask each other and I talk about art and its relationship to the bike trip. I probably bore them talking about phenomenology and other experiential philosophies of the body. The ride is an embodiment of a body’s experience—a body immersed in the landscape.

Becoming the terrain that sustains us.


Our dinner      phenomenal (we save space to carry food)

white sweet potato, French lentil, and sausage soup

rice, parsley, and carrot

Jon and Ron ate freeze dried meals—not only am I probably allergic to everything in them, I also am finding I REALLY enjoy cooking after a long day on the bike.

                                                                        magical                        preparing

                                                                        sharing a home cooked meal with John.